This series of paintings was created using oil on canvas. The dominant element is the dynamics of the hot and cold contrast of the blue and red color. Red is a color that speaks with emotion, embedded with the potential to provoke and unleash the creativity. Blue means tranquility, an open space, a landscape where we try to find and loose our inner self, an overwhelming emptiness with no beginning or end. A shock of redness against a cold blue, purple and white background brings the atmosphere of movement, freedom and renewal. For me, the main message of this serial of paintings is optimistic; it talks about our ability to rebuild and move on after a fragile period in our lives. My paintings speak about our gift to make a choice and explore, from the treasure of possibilities on our way. Sometimes capricious, impulsive and sometimes tamed, standing in solitude, the birds replicate the intricate patterns of our lives, urges and dreams, archetypal forms of an interplay between a forward, direct contact and retroflection. This is the substance of everyday life, an inspiration driving our passion for life.

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