The serial of paintings called "People and horizons" was motivated by my recurring interest in the human figuration. Monochrome figures are placed within an open space that reminds me of a horizon. The space around the figures is very often empty and deserted, emphasizing the need for soul searching by looking into our inner selves, without any distraction from outside. This horizon represents both natural and psychological landscape, which it surrounds and demarcates. This is an element that should not be observed and understood literally, but more as a neutral environment in which to embody a vivid and intense dynamics of the revealing human soul. Here, I have started to use autobiographical themes for the first time, transforming subjectivity and authentic experiences into the scenes. Achromatic figures, placed in a mostly neutral, encompassing scenery, reach out and connect to the vivid colored elements positioned around them. A dynamic exchange and symbolic communication between the figures and the elements are allegories of the themes that inspire me deeply. They speak about the flow of time, about life as an open horizon where we strive to overcome our limitations, through intrinsic transformations and innate growth. The final goal is to eventually become unrooted and free to move and enjoy.

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